daniel stoekl

Curriculum Vitae: Daniel Stökl Ben Ezra


● Current Position

since 2010  Directeur d'Études (Research professor),
                   Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (EPHE) Paris,
                   Faculty of History and Philology

research center: Centre Paul-Albert Février (UMR 6125): Textes et documents de la Méditerranée antique et médiévale


● Higher Education

2011           Habilitation à diriger des recherches
                   (committee: Philip Alexander, Philippe Cassuto, Gilles Dorival, John Gager,
                             Florentino García-Martínez, Jan Joosten, Günter Stemberger)

1998-2002 Ph.D., summa cum laude, Department of Comparative Religion,

                   Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel (HUJ).

                   Ph.D.-thesis: “The Impact of Yom Kippur on Early Christianity” (in English)

                   under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Guy G. Stroumsa.

1997-98     Intensive Talmud studies at the Shalom Hartman Center, Jerusalem.

1995-97     M.A. summa cum laude in Comparative Religion at the Hebrew University.

                   M.A.-thesis: “Yom Kippur in Earliest Christianity“ under the supervision

                   of Prof. Guy G. Stroumsa.

1994-95     Rothberg-School for Overseas Students at the Hebrew University.

1992-94     B.A. in Protestant Theology at the University of Bern, Switzerland.

1991-92     B.A. in Protestant Theology at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany.


● Languages

Mother tongue: German.

Modern languages: English, French, Modern Hebrew, basic Italian and Arabic.

Ancient languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Latin, Syriac, Armenian.

● Previous Academic Employment

2006-2010   Chargé de recherche (permanent tenured research fellow), CNRS, Centre national de la
                     recherche scientifique

2003-2006    Mandel-fellow at SCHOLION,

                      Center for Interdisciplinary Jewish Studies, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

2005             Invited visiting lecturer at the University of Zürich (CH),

                     faculty of theology, department of comparative religion.

2003             Visiting lecturer at the Institute for Jewish Studies, HUJ, certificate for Prayer.

2002-2003   Golda-Meir post-doctoral fellow, Department for the History of the Jewish People, HUJ.

2002             Preceptor of “Introduction to the New Testament and Christian Origins”

                     with Prof. John Gager, Department of Religion, Princeton University.

2001-2002   Visiting research fellow (“post-doc”), Department of Religion, Princeton University.

1996-2001   Assistant in the Department of Comparative Religion, HUJ.

1996-2001   Research assistant in various projects at Hebrew University.

                     Translations from English and Hebrew to German.

1993-94       Tutor for freshmen students of Protestant Theology, University of Bern, Switzerland.

1993-94       Research assistant for the book “JHWH – ein Gott allein?”,

                     Swiss Academy of Humanities (SAGW), Bern.

1992            Tutor for Ancient Greek, Faculty of Protestant Theology, Ruhr-Universität Bochum.


● Awards, Scholarships and Fellowships

2005             Invited visiting lecturer at the University of Zürich (CH).

2003-2006   Mandel Fellow, Scholion, Center for Interdisciplinary Jewish Studies, HUJ.

2002-2003   Golda Meir Post-doctoral Fellowship, HUJ.

2002             Shlomo-Pines Award, awarded by the Shlomo-Pines foundation.

2002             Kennedy-Leigh Prize, awarded by the Hebrew University for an outstanding Ph.D. thesis.

2001-2002   Rothschild Post-doc Fellowship.

1999-2001   Minerva Ph.D. Fellowship.

1999             Sir Sigmund Sternberg Prize, Jerusalem; awarded for the M.A. thesis.

1998-99       Ph.D. scholarship by the Dr. Nelly Hahne foundation, Germany.

1998             Minerva Award for the article “Yom Kippur in the Apocalyptic Imaginaire.”


● Additional Education after School

1990     Exam for Organ-Playing in Churches, level C.

1991     Three-months intensive course in French, Alliance Française and Accord, Paris.

1991     Two-months intensive course in Biblical Hebrew, University of Frankfurt.

1994     One-month intensive course in Modern Hebrew (level B), University of Heidelberg.

            Two-months intensive course in Modern Hebrew (level D), Hebrew University.

2002     “Professor 101,” Princeton University.

            One-month intensive course in spoken Arabic (intermediate level),

            University of Bethlehem, French Cultural Institute, Jerusalem.


● Additional Employment and Social Activities

1989-1990    Civil Service: Technical assistant in the operation theatre,

                      Jerusalem-Hospital, Hamburg, Germany.

1991-1992    Member of the student committee (“Fachschaftsrat”)

                      faculty of theology at Bochum University

                      and delegate of the faculty at the national student committee of theology (FAT).

1992-1994    Assistant in the “Drogen-Notschlafstelle Bern,“ a hostel for people addicted to drugs.

1996-2001    Care for a mentally ill man in Jerusalem.

1998-2001    Technical assistant for the interdisciplinary graduate seminar of

                      Rothenstreich Ph.D. fellows at the faculty of humanities, Hebrew University in Jerusalem.